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Using the Impact Ball is simple and easy to use.

Place the ball in between your forearms with the logo facing down and get in position. Take your swing back and you'll see the blue side and then rotate through to your swing so you can see the yellow. It is really important that your finished position that your hips, knees, eyes and shoulders are facing towards the target.

Training with the impact ball with just a few swings the day you'll be on your way to straightening your shots, having more solid impact and getting more distance.

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With the Impact Ball your golf swing will improve your handicap. You will increase distance, have better chipping, better putting, better pitching, better bunker play and most importantly a better full swing.

More than 90% of golfers with a handicap of 10 and above tend to have one of the following faults in their swing. Common symptoms are SCOOPING, TOPPED SHOTS, FAT, SLICE, FLYING ELBOWS, CHICKEN WING, DISCONNECTED, NO DISTANCE.

The IMPACT BALL is designed to correct all of these problems easily, as you practice normally.

Available in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large.
Suggested Sizes:
Small: under 64”
Medium: from 60” to 70”
Large: Over 67”

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ImpactBall Use