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The Impact Ball provides a feeling to increase distance, square the club face and hit it pure...every time!

It seems almost too simple - could holding a ball between your forearms really make that much of a difference? Well, this isn't just any ball - it's the Impact Ball. It works by focusing on your body mechanics - your stance and arm movement in particular - by training you to use your arms, shoulders, and torso together.

Another great thing about the Impact Ball is that it isn't reserved for just the green or the tee - it can be used to enhance any swing, from drive to chip, pitch and putt. One major detail that sets amateurs apart from tour pros is their position throughout their swing and especially upon impact. The Impact Ball puts your weight where it belongs and prevents you from moving your wrists too much.

When your golf club feels like an extension of your body is when you can really begin swinging like a pro. Revered by professionals and instructors alike, the Impact Ball is proven to significantly improve every aspect of your game.

The Impact Ball comes in three sizes - Large (men's), Medium (ladies'), and Small (juniors').

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"Congratulations! It is with great pleasure that I can tell you that The Impact Ball has finished tied for 12th on the 2014 Golf Range Association of America's Top 25 Teaching & Training Aids list as selected by instructors from around the country.  We surveyed 250 of the top instructors in America and asked them to select all the training aids that they use in their instruction with 135 respondents taking part in the survey."
Golf Range Magazine/GolfRange.org

"I used the Impact Ball with one of my best players, and saw a dramatic improvement in his pitching and chipping."
Jerry Tucker
Golf Professional

"I want to thank you for what I feel is the best training aid, I have used!! After using the Impact Ball for just a few days, it has helped my swing tremendously, less flipping of my hands, more solid contact, and a dead straight shots with a more boring trajectory!! It also has put more speed in my swing. If it can help my game, I cant wait to let my students , feel the correct blend of arms & body, and the correct feeling at IMPACT!! That's what its all about! MANY THANKS!! I will try and tell our corporate office, to start stocking The Impact Ball in our stores!! "
Terry Clark
P.G.A. Professional, Golf Galaxy Mayfield Hts. Oh.

"Many thanks for your great product! There is not a better, more simple golf training aid. The great thing about the Impact Ball is that pros, amateurs, and beginners can all use it and gain immediate valuable feedback."
Tom Harris
SMU Men's Golf; Dallas Texas

"The one constant of all good ball strikers is their position at impact. The club is descending, the handle leads, and their weight is on their left side. Most amateurs have their weight back, head down, and wrists flipping at the ball. The Impact Ball gets my students to look and feel like a tour player at impact with very little direction."
Michael T. Merrill
Director of Instruction, The Nantucket Golf School

"I've been amazed at how quickly using the Impact Ball has helped my students achieve more consistent results. This is the best aid I've used to date to teach students how to correctly use their chest, arms, and body without being restricted."
Suzy Whaley
LPGA Professional


"Thanks for the follow-up. Love this product!! A few of my students are so happy I have this now! Best of luck to you guys, and I will contact you soon for another impact ball. Awesome!."
Robin Holloway
Golf Professional

"I am very happy to have the Impact Ball, it is very good practicing tool "
Kosuke Iino
Golf Professional

"The Impact Ball is a great product"
Ed Ibarguen
SPGA Master Professional and Top 100 Instructor
Big Creek Golf & Country Club, Mountain Home, AR

"This has to be one of the best training aids I have ever used. I have been looking for an aid like this for the last five years. I can't begin to tell you the quick results I see from my students."
Jack Conger
Director of Instruction, Central New York
Golf Academy

"Impact Ball sales have been great as of late! They're moving very consistently which makes us very happy... In comparison to our other products, we very seldom get a returned Impact Ball, which says a lot about the quality of the product."

"The Impact Ball is a great way to feel what it is like to strike the ball solidly. It is simple to use and players of all skill level will see results with this product."
Charlie King
Golf Professional

"Before purchasing the impact ball, I was actually shanking my chip shots. I was ready to quit the game, after playing for almost 40 years. Today I am chipping and pitching the ball better than ever. All I do is follow the DVD to the letter
Thanks for saving my game"
Impact Ball customer