How To Use

To choose the correct size, you want the ball that forms a perfect triangle comfortably between your forearms. Generally, large is for people over 67” or men, medium is for 60” to 70” or women, and the small is for under 64” or juniors. The sizes may vary depending on height, weight, and build.

The 3 Easy Steps for a Better Swing

Step 1:

Place the Ball between your forearms, take your normal set up and take the club back so that blue is showing forward (backswing)

Step 2:

On the forward swing, brush the turf and make contact with the ball (impact). Upon impact, the impact ball the yellow and blue split should be directly in line with the golf ball

Step 3:

Continue the swing as normal (follow through). You should finish with the yellow side facing forward. Repeat this swing until you are in complete control and comfortable. Begin hitting balls with the pitching wedge and repeat the cycle as needed.

The 2 Easy Steps for a Solid Putting

Step 1:

Place the most comfortable size ball between your knees and take another ball and put it between your forearms. Take you normal stance.

Step 2:

Just like normal, putt the ball. Your lower body movement will be limited. Repeat the swing until you are in control and comfortable.